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Biticodes trades the markets using advanced black box strategies that ensure traders are able to take full advantage of the best opportunities in the market. The app tracks important support and resistance levels in real time, using confluences of up to 24 mathematical and sentimental indicators. Biticodes also tracks high value price areas based on important news events that are relevant in the crypto markets.


Biticodes combines advanced FinTech technologies to allow traders to get ahead of the best opportunities in the market. Powered by AI, its self-learning algorithms enable the software to adapt itself to take full advantage of real time crypto market opportunities. This allows its performance to continually improve over time thereby increasing its speed and accuracy.


Biticodes was designed to give traders maximum convenience and flexibility when they are trading cryptos online. The app features no download and is easily accessible on both mobile and desktop browsers with maximum functionality. Biticodes also features high customization capabilities, making it easy for anyone to design a personal crypto trading strategy that is in tandem with their investing goals.


Automation has been the trend in online trading in recent years. The AI-powered Biticodes app is able to process massive amounts of information to provide traders with an incredible edge in the markets. Additionally, with machine learning, AI-powered tools are able to adapt and improve their performance in the market as time goes by. This is why Biticodes is such a powerful software.


No matter your trading skills, you cannot find success in the markets if you choose a bad partner. We have partnered with reliable and trustworthy brokerage firms whose platforms allow for the optical performance of the Biticodes app. Our partners also have the best trading tools and resources, ensuring that investors have all that they require to achieve success in the markets.


Investor safety and security are our top priority. We have applied top security protocols to ensure that Biticodes is a safe environment for all investors. All private and financial information submitted within our website is highly encrypted and can never be compromised at any given time. At Biticodes, we understand that investors are in for the money - we are here to help make it, not lose it.
Quick Steps 1


Start your Biticodes experience by filling out the registration form. Activate your account by confirming your email address. Becoming part of Biticodes is free and the registration process can be completed within a few minutes.

Quick Steps 2


If your registration is successful, please proceed to deposit a minimum of $250 as your starting capital. Biticodes does not charge any deposit fees, and you retain full rights to any amount that is in your account. You can trade with your capital or withdraw it anytime you desire.

Quick Steps 3


Log into your trading area and activate Biticodes to start trading with accurate data-driven insights in real time. The app is incredibly user-friendly and can be easily and securely accessed on both mobile and desktop devices. You can toggle between manual and automated trading modes with a simple click of a button.

Biticodes - GET STARTED
Biticodes - Biticodes - Powerful Trading Software

Biticodes - Powerful Trading Software

The Biticodes software is an advanced trading tool that can really enhance your trading activities and results, no matter if you are new to the trading space or a seasoned pro. Once you have created your free account on the official Biticodes website, you can then spend only a few minutes customizing the app so that it functions based on your trading preferences. This can include, for example, how much you want to invest in each trade, which cryptos you want to trade in, the level of risk and more. The Biticodes app will then start to scan the markets, evaluating numerous indicators and data to provide you with vital market insights. All this happens as you trade.

To provide you with everything you need as you trade, Biticodes has partnered with leading brokers in the market so that you can easily access the online markets. These brokers offer a powerful trading platform, a wealth of trading tools and resources, safe banking options and top customer support. A demo account is also available, so you get the chance to test out Biticodes without any risk of losing money. Simply sign up with Biticodes and start trading all the most popular cryptos in the market.

Is it the Right Time to Trade Digital Currencies?

After a painful crypto winter, investors' hands are now heating up. After hitting lows of circa $15k, Bitcoin is now decisively above $20k and it is now looking like sunshine time in crypto land. Bitcoin is the defacto cue provider in the crypto world, and as things are looking up for the primary cryptocurrency, it is a signal that big opportunity is on the cards. Biticodes provides you with a front row seat as this opportunity unfolds. You will be able to track the best crypto opportunities in real time. Biticodes will provide you with the best insights that will allow you to have an unrivalled edge as you navigate the risky but bountiful crypto markets.

Biticodes - Is it the Right Time to Trade Digital Currencies?


Biticodes is an app designed to allow investors to fully exploit the opportunities available in the crypto markets. As investment products, cryptocurrency values are driven by supply and demand. But cryptocurrencies are digital products that have proven to be influenced by real time market information. It is critical for any investor to access the right information at the right time so as to access the best market opportunities. Biticodes ensures this is possible, every time, all the time.


Here is why you should consider using the Biticodes software when you trade online:


Quick Registration

Start trading with Biticodes as quickly as possible. Registration can be completed within a few minutes, and it is free. No hidden fees, no commissions, no unclear terms and conditions. Get started as soon as you are ready!


Multiple Assets

Access broad market opportunities by trading numerous crypto coins and tokens. Beyond cryptocurrencies, you can also trade asset classes such as Forex, Stocks, Commodities, and Indices. Enjoy the benefits of diversification and get exposed to the whole world of global financial markets.


Web-based Platform

Get started with Biticodes without downloading, installing, maintaining, or upgrading anything. Access the app on any mobile or desktop device, anytime, where. Trade crypto markets with maximum convenience and flexibility.


Best Analysis

Biticodes applies sophisticated techniques to help traders identify the best opportunities in the markets. By tracking multiple technical, fundamental, and sentimental analysis indicators, the app is able to identify optimal value price points that present attractive risk/reward propositions for crypto investors.



Biticodes provides market-leading trading services to investors and traders. From incorporating the latest financial technologies to the best trading tools and resources, you will be guaranteed nothing but the best trading environment to allow you to achieve your investing goals.


Best Opportunities

Financial markets are a hub of opportunities. Biticodes ensures that you are exposed to the best of them throughout the day. You will receive valuable insights on prevailing market trends, which will allow you to take full advantage of the best opportunities in the market.


Low Starting Capital

With as low as $250, you can get started in online financial assets trading with Biticodes. This is especially important for retail traders who do not have a big budget, or are unwilling to risk a huge capital outlay so as to start trading the global financial markets.


Safe Payments

Deposit and withdraw your funds with ease, convenience and maximum security. Biticodes supports multiple payment methods such as: bank transfer, debit/credit cards, as well as eWallets. You can start trading as soon as you make a successful deposit, and there are absolutely no hassles when you want to withdraw your money.


Demo Trading

Get started with a free demo account loaded with virtual funds and experience what it means to trade with Biticodes. The demo account can help investors to navigate the app as well as to understand which strategies to deploy with real money.


Excellent Customer Care

Biticodes offers you direct access to a team of dedicated professionals who are always available to answer any questions or to guide you on your trading journey.

Features - Understanding the Biticodes Software

Here are reasons why investors trust Biticodes with their trading activities:


Customized Trading

Trading with an app can sometimes feel like handing over control of your investing activity to a robot. But with Biticodes, you have all the flexibility to take charge of your trading activity. You can switch between manual and automated trading modes, as well as alter other settings so as to trade according to your unique personal needs.


AI Integration

Biticodes has been integrated with AI, making it a very powerful app to trade financial assets online. The app already performs at a very high level, but with AI-integration, it is able to process huge amounts of data points as well as learn from itself. This will mean that investors can expect its performance to continually improve over time.



You can count on Biticodes to perform around the clock without any mishaps. The app uses VPS to ensure that investors enjoy guaranteed seamless execution of orders from any location despite their internet or connectivity issues. This ensures that you will not miss out on any trading opportunities in the market.


Advanced Technologies

Biticodes utilizes advanced financial technologies that allow traders to have a rare edge in the fast-paced global markets. Its smart algorithms are able to detect new patterns and trends in the market, enabling traders to ride out the best opportunities from the moment they start unfolding.

Biticodes FAQs

Can Anyone Use Biticodes?

How Much Can I Expect Biticodes to Generate For Me?

How Much Does It Cost to Start Trading with Biticodes?

What Kind of Experience Do I Need to Use Biticodes?

Is Biticodes a Scam?

Yes! Biticodes features a user-friendly interface that was deliberately designed to ensure anyone can navigate it with ease and convenience. It is also easy to get started with the app. You can complete registration within a few minutes, and after depositing a minimum of $250, you can get started in your global financial assets trading journey.

Financial markets are very volatile and fast-paced. It is practically impossible to provide an exact estimate of the number of profits or earnings to expect. Biticodes was designed to help investors to trade better. The app provides critical insights in real time to help traders to make the right decisions at the right time in the markets.

Biticodes is available for free. There are no registration fees, no hidden fees, and absolutely no unclear terms and conditions. After signing up, you only need to deposit a minimum of $250 and you can start trading financial markets using our powerful app. You will also never be charged for making deposits or withdrawals from your account.

You do not require any special abilities or investing experience to be able to use Biticodes. Despite its highly sophisticated features and functionalities, Biticodes has a neat and simple interface that can be navigated by literally anyone. Both new and experienced investors are able to use it easily. Additionally, the app has high customization capabilities to allow anyone to deploy a strategy that suits his/her investing goals.

No, it is not. And neither is it a kind of MLM or get-rich-quick scheme. Biticodes functions as a trading assistant that provides you with valuable trading information in real time. Financial markets are very dynamic and data-driven, and Biticodes ensures that you get all the trading arsenal you require to trade effectively and efficiently at all times.

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